I’m Back Again! 60 in 30 This November

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 25 – Today I’m thankful that I could run in the CB UWI Virtual 5K (and walk ½ mile to starting point, then 2 miles to get back home) to raise funds for The University of the West Indies, an outstanding Caribbean institution and my alma mater. My run was neither fast nor smooth, and it was windy, but it was totally worth it because this fundraising drive supports scholarships for deserving students. It’s because of scholarships like these that I was able to afford my education, so I’ll continue to pay it forward. Thanks UWI!

Today’s 5.5 total along with last night’s 4, pushed me past my 60-mile goal for the American Cancer Society fundraiser (I’m now at 65.6 so far for November).

As usual I went to the Caribbean to fuel today’s miles. I confess that there was some chipping and a lil wining at certain points!

Here’s my full playlist:
Jamming Practice – Krosfyah
All Aboard – Krosfyah
Last Man to Leave – Lil Rick
Monster Winer – Kerwin Dubois & Lil Rick
Famalay – Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Skinny Fabulous
Yardie – Krosfyah

Up & Up – Skinny Fabulous (I wined & wukked to this on repeat for 30 minutes after I got home)
Tek off Something – Stiffy
Waka Waka – Shakira
Head Gone – Krosfyah
Showtime – Machel Montano
Crime of the Century – Square One
25 – Square One
Togetherness – Square One

W.I. Cultuh – Mr. Dale
Know the Face – Marvay
Ladies Rule – Alison Hinds
Tease Dem – Alison Hinds

Photos from after the 5K and during my walk home. It was a beautiful afternoon 😊

#WeRunForDreams #UWI #BarbadosUhCumFrom

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 23 – Another 3.6 miles in the bag. No rosy sunsets today, just streetlights. Only 3.9 to go! 😊

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 22 – The sunset this evening was more deserving of photos than I was. Plus I forgot 😁. My evening walk pushed me 4.5 miles closer to my goal. Only 7.5 to go 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 21 – My friend Monty was the inspiration for the 5 miles I did this evening. Only 12 more to go!😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 20 – This evening I hiked 2.4 miles that were more challenging than I expected, but the views from Griffith Observatory made the burn worth it 💦🌚. Only 17 miles to reach my goal 😊. This hike was also my 52nd for 2021, so that’s one challenge completed!

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 19 – I still want to know how people run every day or almost every day. I struggle to just do it a few times a week. Tonight was hard but I did 3.9 more miles. Only 19.4 to go 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 16 – 4.5 more miles tonight. Only 23.3 to go 😊.

My warm up 😁
Now I’m really moving 🤣

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 15 – I passed the halfway mark tonight with 3.9 miles. Only 27.8 to go 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 13 – I got some miles in by hiking a nearby trail on a beautiful fall evening. I even saw some deer. 2.9 miles added. 31.7 miles to go 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 10 – My work schedule really messes with my optimal jogging time 🙃. Still today I managed another 3.4 miles. Only 34.6 more to go 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 8 – Today I got another 3.6 miles done. Only 38 more to go 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 6 – Today I did 5 miles, yesterday 2.8. Only 41.6 to go 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 3 – I remembered the photo tonight 😁. Another 3.6 miles done. Just 49.4 to go.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 2 – Another 3.5 miles done, but I keep forgetting to take photos 😏. Only 53 miles to go. Remember this 👉🏾? That’s how I started my run 😊.

StinkaMissy’s Log, Nov 1 – I was tired tonight and it was a bit chilly. The temptation to stay in and cycle was strong, but I went out and walked 3.5. Only 56.5 miles to go.

It’s now almost a year and a half that I’ve been jogging consistently. This November, like last year, my challenge is to complete 60 miles in 30 days, raise funds for the American Cancer Society, and run the UWI Virtual 5K on November 21 as my contribution to funding student scholarships at my alma mater. This time I don’t plan to include cycling miles at all, so I’ll likely have to reduce my spinning to once per week 😟, but for good causes 😊. I may not post every day, but I will post at least a couple times per week so you can enjoy the tracks that keep me running and wukking 😁.

Catch up on last year’s challenge here 60 Miles in 30 Days – Run Don’t Walk! 😱 and here The Rundown: 60 in 30 🏃🏾‍♀️.

Donate to my American Cancer Society fundraiser.

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