Do you Remember?

In the midst of a deluge of work, I decided to take a much needed break and finally blog!

Do you remember? Not just September but August, July and June? What happened with all of my plans for serious writing and blogging?! It’s been a minute! I’m not quite sure where my summer went and fall looks set to follow a similar path. I feel like I slow blinked and June, July, August and September became JuJuAugember and now October. Wuhloss! So 😁 …

In June I started a post called Peace Amongst the Giants about my camping trip to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. First I’d camped in about two years. Then wrote but didn’t publish another post on July 4th. Then in August, went back and fiddled with Peace Amongst the Giants, thought about a post based on my July road trip to Oregon and northern California, and published nothing. Blogging in the last few months was like what I imagine would happen if someone who had only ever driven an automatic vehicle tried to drive a stick shift. Up a hill. A lot of stalling, some rolling backward, some grinding gears, a lot of swearing. But that’s not me. I can drive a stick 😉. Anyway, enjoy the mashup 🤣.

My home away from home

Peace Amongst the Giants

My pen is never far from my fingers and blog ideas or specific sentences for a post are more often than not running through my head. Yet since my last post in early July, I’ve had a bit of inertia about writing. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t find my purple fountain pen or was just too focused on enjoying the activities I would normally write about.

I actually wrote an entire post immediately after July 4th, then decided not to publish it until I had the next entry written and ready to publish as well. The July 4th piece was not a light one and I wanted a quick follow up outdoor piece to balance it. Well … enjoying travel rather than writing about it won the day 😁.

So now after that hiatus I’m doing some photo blasts and allowing the photos to speak for themselves. Photos. Hmmm. Also a huge part of the problem – “so much good photos I can’t show all”. Apparently Lil Rick is also often “a voice in my head” like Edwin 😁. Apropos of nothing, Krosfyah’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition is superb and I’ve been enjoying in the background and foreground of my life this last week, (weeks, months).

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Grant Grove

Mist Falls

Sherman Tree Trail

Big Trees Trail

Moro Rock

Part 2: We Trippin’ … coming soon 😆

5 thoughts on “Do you Remember?

  1. And…..we’re back! You’re posting as I am getting up! 🤣🤣
    Just looking at the pictures is a great reminder of the most excellent summer we had! Waiting patiently for part 2…..😉


    1. Awesome pics Mech…working on getting me fit for my next visit so I can climb the stairs to the top of a mountain 😁😁😁😁😁


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