Just Living

Just living is a job. Sometimes an exhausting, frustrating, job. Living a healthy, meaningful life is a career, a journey that takes effort, commitment, resolve, determination, risk, introspection, extrospection, retrospection, perspective …

A journey to a known, yet unknown end.

The journey is the challenge.

The journey is the meaning.

The journey is life.

Life is a journey.

One of my photos from Castaic Lake, printed on canvas. Stepping into new ventures in 2021 😉.

It’s the third month of 2021. Where are the blog posts? I’ve been writing but not posting. I’ve been in my head a lot, maybe too much 🤔. I have several posts in progress as usual, too many other ideas that could become good posts, and many other things that I’ve been focusing on- or distracted by. Distractor in chief is the day job; the one that pays my bills. Besides the day job, I’ve been reading a lot (no surprise) – about 3-5 books weekly of light entertainment and one that takes however long it takes to finish because it requires deep thought and sometimes fortitude. My light reads I’ll keep to myself 😉. The serious read/listen I’ll share with you. Perhaps you too will read it and then we can discuss.

So why am I posting now? It’s time. My friend Andrew asked about the blog today; others have in recent weeks as well. I took those as an invitation to say something. Given my introspection and extrospection, this post is an eclectic one. Following are the bones, my raw thoughts, some in/complete statements for an entry that should’ve been done and published by mid-February – around the time that sans COVID-19 I would’ve been in Bim enjoying another Colin Hudson Memorial Great Train Hike. They make perfect sense to me, they may be less clear to you.

I opened my draft post with this: The last time I traveled on an aeroplane was February 2020. I think my brain and body became momentarily paralyzed after I wrote that. Just wow! An entire year without flying! That hasn’t happened in almost 30 years. Even when I haven’t traveled to another country I’ve at least traveled by plane within the US. By the time this pandemic is properly under control that time may be 2 years! But I digress, so back to the bones of the post …

Despite the absence of posts to the blog, I haven’t been a recluse. I’ve been hiking with Jennetta, par for the course, with Cherryne, Nancy and Jessica joining us on different days. I’m really happy about my friend Nancy joining us, because after years of invitations, blatant nudges and subtle nudges, she’s decided to do a lot more hiking this year, taking on the 52 hike challenge. Yay!!!

So here are some pics of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen since the mayhem that was 2020 transitioned into the surreal, insurrection-centered, vaccine-centric 2021, that we’re in now.

Cliffie Stone (CS), Fryman Canyon (FC, January 1st hike), Taylor Trail (TT), Temescal Canyon (TC), Vasquez Rocks (VR), Wildwood Park (WP)

Beacon Hill in Griffith Park: Great views, StinkaMissy’s Angels and more

Long Canyon in Simi Valley – just picturesque

Omer Rains Bike Trail in Ventura at Sunset and fun with SkyView app

Rice & Wills Loop Trail near Ojai & Skyline Motorway Trail in Burbank

At the end of last year I decided to add flowers to my indoor spaces more often.

I’ve done 11 out of 52+ plus hikes for this year and in the last week, I rode 58.5 miles of 300 I plan to ride this month (on my spin bike of course) and looking forward to my March hiking trifecta next weekend. And trying to stick with the running, so at least one 2-3 mile run once a week. Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering? Yes Brain. Narf! Troz!

I have edits on a book chapter to finish and updates on my two entries in the Encyclopedia of Tourism to submit today. The former is really lagging; the latter should be done to submit on time. Unfortunately my light reading is very distracting, as is the NBA All-Star event. Plus I’ve just written this blog post! I need help!!!

The backdrop to a recent sunset run 😊
Enjoying the sunset at the end of my first run in 2021

Now that we’ve done some catching up, uh gone! 😊

9 thoughts on “Just Living

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your recent post and pictures- hopefully you will get to travel by the end of the year, if not sooner.
    Thank you for incuding me in your posts.

    Mrs. Paulette Schuster, MS, RRTC, RRC
    Pronouns: She, Her, Hers [A button with “Hear my name” text for name playback in email signature]
    Be present, grateful and engage in daily random acts of kindness; kindness is not a
    sign of weakness. This world is a better place because you are in it.
    CSUN Department of Recreation and Tourism Management
    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt by the heart.” Helen Keller
    Cell text: 661-733-9043
    E: paulette.schuster@csun.edu


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