My Ode to Bim

Bim, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways (Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sonnet 43). Well I really can’t count the ways, but I’m going to highlight one for each year I’ve been away.

Blowing proudly in the breeze

Bim, I love you more than …

  1. De Barbados green monkey love crops they neither sow nor grow
  2. Gorg want tuh keep drinks coming wid no chaser
  3. I love Bajan cussing and consider it an underrated artform
  4. A coconut cooler
  5. Sugar cakes, tamarind balls and guava cheese
  6. A rum shop cheese cutter
  7. Mars barring Puff on his bicycle
  8. My aunt’s cou-cou and flying fish (without slush)
  9. I love hiking and hiking on de Rock
  10. Annie’s macaroni pie
  11. Ras loves music, Harry loves gardening and B is easy like a Sunday morning
  12. S-Bend pepper sauce
  13. Sunset on the west coast
  14. A recycling bin, an LED bulb, a low-flush toilet, and a solar panel
  15. Bajans love rum and pork, and Kadooment
  16. Fat porks, cashews, sea grapes, dunks, and tambrinds
  17. Hard Wine, Ruff Wuk, A Brekin’ A Slow Wine, Head Gone, Ladies Rule, Tequila, W.I. Cultuh, Benup, Culture, Volcano, Ragga Ragga, I Want a Plantation … Let me just say Bajan soca and calypso
  18. Heaven on Earth by De Opels
  19. Auntie Jenny’s fishcakes
  20. Miami beach on a hot day … And a few extras because I miss you and 20 just aren’t enough 😁
  21. Roast corn
  22. Azizah’s jewelry
  23. My batik wrap shorts that are over 20 years old … that I wear every single time I’m in Bim 🤣
  24. Liming
  25. My fountain pen …
  26. Hendy loved his gutter perk and Slade aka Tony loved his roller
  27. A cream soda
  28. Views of the east coast
  29. Cassava pone
  30. Oistins Library

Bim, How do I love thee? I could never count all the ways, but here are 56 more reasons why 😊.

More than anything else, no matter how far I roam, Bim-Barbados will always mean home, family and friends 🥰.

Happy 56th birthday Barbados. Love Always, Mechelle 😘.

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