No ‘Lady’ in the ‘Fields of Gold’

What’s a child of the 70s to do when Lionel and Sting both have residencies in Las Vegas? Work remotely πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸΏ.

This experience happened months ago and it took me this long to post because so much living happened since then. It’s going to be a short post because I have more living to do right now … 😊.

This was my first time traveling by plane since the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed my travels. I decided to fly rather than drive so I could use the trip to test the air travel experience of taking the Flyaway Bus to the airport, spending time in the airport, and then being on a plane. It’s ironic that in the boarding line for the bus (outdoors) the 6ft markers were on the pavement to remind passengers about social distancing, but there was no social distancing to be had on the bus.

I love Las Vegas and while the name alone may evoke pictures of casinos and bright lights, there is so much more to this City of Sin. I celebrated my 40th birthday here with some Thunder from Down Under πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡. I’ve seen Janet, Bruno, Lady Diana, Boys who have become Men, and many more. I’ve gone around the world with National Geographic. Solved a crime Γ  la CSI. Played with the one-armed bandit, then pressed buttons to spin the wheels (a lot less fun than pulling the arm). Melted in the 100+ degree sun and bought my first and only ‘tourist cap’ to deal with it. Got caught up in the tide on the Strip. And more.

Vegas is a smorgasbord of food, drink, accommodations, attractions, entertainment, characters, sights, sounds, smells, etc.. Whatever suits your palate. You only have to choose. Last fall I chose Lionel, Sting, and The Conrad. This was my fourth time experiencing Lionel live, my third with Sting (first time with Sting as a solo act) and my first with The Conrad. I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes to another serving of Lionel and Sting, but The Conrad was a bit bland for my taste and there are many other offerings at the same price point.

It was opening night of Lionel’s residency since closing in 2020 because of the pandemic. And Sting was in the audience 😊. I loved the backdrops. Lionel deserved some shimmer, bling, and heels …

Lionel’s Performance

Sting’s outfit lived up to his moniker and there was a bit of gold in mine to complement his … πŸ˜†

Sting’s Performance …

My one complaint about these experiences was that Lionel didn’t sing Lady, but on the upside, Sting sang Fields of Gold with entertaining commentary 😊.

4 thoughts on “No ‘Lady’ in the ‘Fields of Gold’

  1. Hi Mech! Very nice as usual! 🌹I looking forward to much more including the tail end! 🌹🌿🌹😊


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