Sunset by the River

Albeit a dry river. Nonetheless, a nice 4-mile sunset walk by said river and a serendipitous opportunity to experiment with my camera 😊. Beautiful way to end a week that started on a very frustrating note.

Jennetta: “I bet they were brothers.”
Mech: πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Simple pleasures brought some harmony to end one week and ease into the next one: four days off; a hike on the coast yesterday; some wining and wukking yesterday and today; some time in the garden once it cooled down enough; completion of some chores I’d been putting off; yoga today; nice sunset 4-miler; and watching a flock of birds finding their trees to roost, cause nature … gotta πŸ’šit. My culture and nature did it for me yet again. Plus one more day still left in the weekend 😊.

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