Franklin Canyon Park Take 2 🎬

Hike number 2 for 2020 was a moonlight one on the Hastain Trail in Franklin Canyon Park and it was a beautiful full moon night.

Last year Jennetta and I tried to hike with the same group we joined for this hike. However, we couldn’t find the starting point because the directions provided were lacking. So we ended up doing our own hike around the reservoir.

Franklin Canyon Park Take 1 🎬

This time around the directions were better, but still lacking. Nonetheless, we persisted and made it to the group meeting point. The first half of the hike was a steady uphill, with a couple of short, steep sections. We made it to the peak in time to wait for the moon to appear. The return to our starting point was all downhill and done with limited lighting.

It was a good hike. Nice challenging uphill with beautiful views of L.A. The moonrise was wonderful. It was good enough that I would hike this trail again, but with SCOBA, not with the group we did it with this time.

Happy Birthday Jan! 🥂💐

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