Another day … another hike … woohoo!

Buhbados uh cum from (I’m from Barbados) and I love the outdoors! If you’ve read my other posts you’ve probably realized that I write more about hiking and being outdoors than I do about traveling – within the context of tourism because I certainly travel a lot by foot. Why is that? Isn’t the blog is called Mechbesttravels? 🤔 Hmmmm … wellllll, it’s cheaper to hike, but if someone wants to support me so that I can travel extensively and thus blog more about travel, I would be ecstatic to write more about the tourism side of things 😁.

I’ve been posting about walking and hiking because I’m getting out a lot more these days (at ‘home’ and when traveling). While I love the outdoors I’ve been overlooking the resources around me and not experiencing them enough (in my head I can hear someone asking how much more time I want to spend outdoors 😁). So, I’m spending a lot more time outdoors because I’ve challenged myself to hike at least 52 times this year (I did number 35 today); my time is a bit more flexible because it’s summer; and I’m preparing for a 60 mile walk in September to raise funds for breast cancer research and community programs.

I’m blogging about my hikes because I’ve been neglecting my writing too much since my job changed and I have less time and frankly sometimes lack the desire to do the research I need to do for academic writing. So the need to write and get some thoughts out of my head encouraged me to finally get this blog going. Writing is a skill that has to be practised like everything else and at least one post a week is my plan. Plus I get to share nature with whoever reads my meanderings and hopefully encourage you to get out more too. This blog is also a way to connect research and interests that I’ve had for many years with content that people actually (perhaps?) want to read and photos and other media they enjoy.

Annnnd, after that longish intro, here is the real focus of this post: I walked about 7.3 miles today along the San Francisquito Creek Trail, starting at the Iron Horse Trailhead. It was a glorious, but hot day. I don’t know why I thought it was going to be cooler because by 9:30 am (aka just after the crack of dawn) it felt like 90 degrees. Fortunately I had my trusty broad rim hat which shades my shoulders, though my friend and hiking partner Jennetta doesn’t believe it. It was a good walk and I’ve now done 14 of the 15 miles/wk goal for July. Unless things go contrary I will end up walking/hiking around 25 miles by the end of the week.

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