Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

My brain is almost always turned on. As far back as I can remember it has been this way. It’s why I often have trouble falling asleep and why I’ve kept a notepad and pen next to my bed since I was a teenager. But the thoughts that run through my head when I walk alone are epic. Here are some from my walk along the Santa Clara River Trail yesterday evening.

I wonder how many guys out for a walk or run do a constant inventory of resources to determine the best weapon to protect themselves: metal water bottle, car key to the eye, whistle always in hand, camera can do some damage in a pinch, cell phone. In these types of situations are women of colour more concerned about their safety than other women? Cause if something happens to me how quickly will law enforcement respond? How seriously will they take it? When folks see me taking photos do they wonder if I’m casing the place to come back later? These things and more I ponder though I’m walking in a low crime, residential area and walking on trails very close to homes where I can sometimes see the occupants and/or hear their conversations.

At the same time I’m having these dark yet practical thoughts, I’m also thinking of what a beautiful evening it is. How amused I am by the cottontails. How these two lizards are either playing tag or one is prey. Are lizards cannibalistic? What it would feel like to soar like a bird and ride the current of the wind. How the setting sun gives the horizon an amazing pinkish tinge. How I love to hear the birds singing, but recording them, just like taking photos, doesn’t quite capture the experience of hearing them. How great the Higher One must be to give us the tremendous natural resources She did. How glad I am to live in a city that uses my hard-earned tax dollars to provide green spaces, preservation areas and recreation opportunities for all.

Do people really smile and say hello to everyone they pass while walking/running/riding or is it cause I’m the only Black person they’re seeing on the trail?

The cottontails are not posing today 😕

Trash. Pollution. Why are people so disgusting? That red solo cup is not a new plant species; it did not get into the Santa Clara River bed on its own. Same for the Christmas tree. Did the person who dumped it think it would blend in when it was obviously cut, it’s the only one of its species in the entire area, AND it’s a Christmas tree?!

Andy Gump fencing is everywhere 😲

People need constant reminders to clean up their dog poop. And the bags provided for free end up as litter. I don’t know if there’s poop in them or not …

These cups are about 1-2 ft apart. Did trail users throw them over the fence? Were they carried by the river when it was rainy and wash up on the bank?

If I photographed all the litter I’d be walking until midnight. Where is it coming from? I doubt someone took off a sock while walking and threw it over the fence. I refuse to take a photo of this pair of perfectly placed slippers. Perhaps someone simply stepped out of them while walking and forgot where they left them 😒

To the casual cyclist who said “don’t worry I’m not going to hit you, I’m not one of those guys in tights”: thanks for the chuckles, both times.

Untamed vs manicured. Kinda like my hair when I’ve just woken up versus my hair after I’ve brushed, afro-picked, and finger combed it. Doubtful if many people can tell the difference 🤣

Silt or sand?

What should I have for dinner? This is one of the most critical questions.

I take a lot of photos. Perhaps I should take a photography class. Perhaps photography will be the focus of the next chapter of my life. With technology evolving as it is, will my kind of photography still be relevant? 🤯

If I hadn’t been writing and taking photos as I walked I would’ve done the 6 miles I planned to do instead of only 5 😁

3 thoughts on “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

  1. This was one of the best stream-of-consciousness posts I’ve ever read. All of your thoughts were valid, concerning, beautiful, nd discerning. I think it’s wonderful that you took the time to sit, breathe, walk, run, and have them. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it made me feel like I’m not the only weirdo out there🤗 please keep the thoughts coming!

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  2. Nice, and very interesting!
    I do not usually take time to look at these postings, but the glimpse of “are you pondering what I am pondering” drew my attention.
    The fact that you took the time to take pictures of beautiful sceneries but you also took pictures of how people are treating the environment which is very important. I see many of those things on streets while walking but I never thought to take a picture, maybe because of hurrying or out of space on my phone.
    Sometimes I wonder, do people keep their surroundings that way! If they do they’re either dirty or don’t care!


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