Happy Birthday Jennetta-🌹. What do you Call a Year of Trifectas?

One year ago today, Jennetta and I were on day one of our second monthly ‘hiking trifecta’. It all started with a hike at Val Verde to celebrate Juneteenth. During that hike I suggested hiking the following day because it was my cousin’s birthday, so we did. Then while hiking on the 20th we were like hmmm, we’ve already done two days of hiking, why not add a third and celebrate my birthday in the same way I did in 2019? Thus one trifecta was in the bag.

I think it was during my birthday hike that we decided to also do a trifecta for Jennetta’s birthday the following month. So that was number 2. During that weekend we discussed doing one each month in the summer and extending through fall with the idea of adjusting as needed when the fall semester began and time became more limited. Yet month by month we found a way to make it work. Now it’s one year and 13 trifectas later. For most of those hikes it was just JT and I, but we had some friends hike with us along the way. There was only one, maybe two, that someone else did all three days with us.

Come with us and and experience a year of friendship, great conversations, venting, laughter, anger and anguish over the constant devaluing and extinguishing of Black lives, anger and resignation over the federal government’s initial response to COVID-19, travels to other parts of California, a trip to other states, frustration, joy, peace, nature, and more. Click the links for each trifecta to read blog entries and see additional photos.

1️⃣ June in Mordor (aka 2020) – Commemoration & Celebration: Val Verde; Taylor Trail; San Francisquito Open Space (Ivan joined us for this hike to celebrate my birthday 😊)

2️⃣ More Celebration: Bouquet Falls (Jennetta’s birthday); Stocker Corridor Trail & Kenneth Hahn; San Francisquito & Santa Clara River Trails

3️⃣ Let’s Keep it Going: Ironhorse Trailhead (sunset hike); Satwiwa Loop; Stough Canyon. Tiffany joined us for the 2nd and 3rd days 😊.

4️⃣ Three Women & a Little Woman: Calavera Lake Preserve; Cabrillo National Monument; Torrey Pines

5️⃣ Two Backyard Hikes & Ojai: Castaic Lagoon; Castaic for Real; Sisar Canyon Trail, Ojai (with our hiking group)

6️⃣ Giving Thanks: Santa Clara River; Saddleback Butte; East Canyon

7️⃣ A Bridge from Mordor to The Shire (aka 2021): Rice Canyon; The Beast; Fryman Canyon

8️⃣ New Year, New Trails: Wildwood Park; Temescal Canyon; Taylor Trail to the Bridge

9️⃣ Galentine: Skyline Drive Trail; Fern to Beacon in Griffith; Long Canyon

🔟 We Don’t Always Hike the Planned Trail Cause Life’s an Adventure: Antonovich Regional Park; Rocky Peak Trail; River Village Park & Santa Clara River Trails

1️⃣1️⃣ Pinnacles and Nadirs: Bench Trail to Moses Reservoir; South Wilderness; Balconies Cliffs

1️⃣2️⃣ First the Rapture, Then the Fire: Watchman, Pa’rus & Riverside Trails (Zion NP); Canyon Overlook & East Mesa to Observation Point (Zion NP); Elephant, Mouse Tank & White Domes Trails (Valley of Fire SP)

1️⃣3️⃣ June in The Shire – Buffalo Soldiers, Ents & Home Again: Mist Falls Trail; Sherman, Big Trees and Moro Rock; Taylor Trail Loop (Blog post coming soon 😏)

So what do you call a year of trifectas? A fantabulous time! Nature … gotta love it! 💚😘

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